Saturday, August 22, 2009

Big Tex

Today is my blast from the past day, I've decided. The last two projects are ones that I created a while ago (and one a really long while ago), and this one is no different.

In 2007, we took a nine day gigantic journey of a road trip from Western Colorado to all over the state of Texas. Looking back on these photos, I see how little my babies were - Soph was still in diapers and Andrew was still in kindergarten. To this day, it was the best vacation I've ever been on. I would do it every year, if I could. Great company, of course, but who could pass up a week and a half of insanely delicious, mouth-watering, smoky, rich, authentic Texas barbecue. Yum! My stomach is rumbling just thinking about it!

Over that period, we visited several museums, rode on the Riverwalk in San Antonio, went to Sea World, and collected tons of memorabilia. The dilemma came when I went to start this portion of my vacation album. If I scrapped ever single event, my Texas album would become of epic proportions. At the same time, I didn't want to leave anything out, either.

I decided to add a pocket to the page to hold everything we found - but I didn't want anything lost, so I made the pocket out of a 6x6 page protector. That way, you still were able to tell that there were some interesting things behind the scenes, but also provided an interesting starting point to that album.

I trimmed the hole-punched edge of the cover off and attached it to my page with glue dots. I adhered the main attraction points - one each of our tickets to Sea World, the Riverboat and the JFK Memorial/Dealy Plaza Museum

Everything else got pushed back into the pocket so one day, when the kids are grown up, they can see where we went and marvel at how cheap everything was back in the old days. LOL!

All supplies here are Close To My Heart. The pictures of the Alamo and the space ship taking off are mini-postcards I picked up from our trip.

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