Saturday, May 9, 2009

Broncos fans at heart!

When Andrew was a baby, his first words weren't mommy or daddy. Nope, not in our house, where Broncos attire is mandatory during football season. His first words were "Touchdown" and "Go Broncos!"

After waiting longer than Andrew's been alive, we finally got our season tickets last year and took Andrew to his first game. Heck - it was my first game too! I couldn't wait to scap the experience. It was by far one of the best games - ever - to go to, but it was so loud! Andrew hates loud noises, but he endured like any fan would. It was military appreciation day - always an event that brings tears to my eyes and pride to my heart. Plus, we won the game in an edge-of-the-seat thriller. I can't wait until next season!

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Marie said...

Great layout...and YAY for Broncos fans!
Marie with a :-)