Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Are you ready for one AWESOME sale?!?!

Join us for our first-ever Lucky Girl Crafts Scavenger Hunt Sale - September 16-20!
5 days of awesome deals hidden throughout our store!

You know that saying, the early bird gets the worm? Well, at Lucky Girl Crafts this (extended) weekend, the early birds will get the best deals!

Throughout our store, we'll have special discount and freebie codes listed - you might them hidden in the product description, our guest book, FAQs, or calendar - but we're not telling where! You'll just have to see if you've got a keen eye for a good deal!

What's in store, you ask? How about enjoying some of the following BIG DEALS with the purchase of any kit in the store:

* FREE BONUS KIT - valued at over $15
* FREE ALPHABET ASSORTMENT - valued at over $15
* FREE CARD KIT - valued over $10

Pretty great deals, right? These are only a few of the perks you might get by shopping at Lucky Girl Crafts this weekend - but hurry, because each BIG DEAL is redeemable just ONE TIME! (One BIG DEAL code per person, please.) There's 10 BIG DEALS to find - and these aren't even the best ones!

If you're not quite an early bird, don't worry - we've got something special just for you! A limited-edition inspiration kit - valued at more than $5 - will be added to your order when you purchase any of our great Lucky Girl Crafts kits!

Go and get your shop on, and spread the word! Deals as sweet as these don't last long!

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